Who Is This Crazy Woman

I loathe About Me pages. Mainly because I never feel interesting once I have to sit down and write about, well ya’ know, ME. I’m in my VERY early 40’s. I am currently enjoying a complete life overhaul. (by enjoying, I mean doing that thing strong, Southern women do; wherein we walk around and smile, tell everyone we are doing fabulous and stare at liquor aisles and pharmaceutical counters like dogs sitting under a table, not really getting anything other than scraps, but always thinking about jumping in the middle of it and consuming everything in front of us) I have a new career, new home, new friends….did you think I was using overhaul to mean I got a little Botox? When I do something, I really do it.
So, that’s me…..right now….obviously I’m single, looking to find the romance of a lifetime. A difficult task, finding romance, when all the guys you encounter seem to reduce you to “how many times do I want to fuck this one” terms. (not my idea, several of my single male friends have broken this down to me)
I hope I haven’t bored you to an excruciating level. I really hope you find me moderately interesting enough to follow along on this adventure. Participate, even. Comments are a bloggers only form of acknowledgement, so ..please, feel free to feed me comment love. šŸ™‚

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Suggestions for finding Mr. Perfect

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