The Cast: Caesar


Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s- Jesus


The passage above sounds quite simple, but Jesus forgot one key fact….Caesar thinks Everything is his and he should be able to take it, at his discretion.

There is something extraordinarily unnerving about a man you have been around for a total of about 15 minutes, leaning in close to you and telling you he is going to make you his. Actually, I should rephrase the prior, saying there is something very unnerving about it when Caesar does it.

Caesar had some disadvantages. One, his reputation preceded his arrival on scene. Two, he happened to be in town for the same weekend The Contractor was flying in from California. Both were fairly sizable obstacles, but he seemed pretty , ahem, confident.

We chatted, exchanged phone numbers, laughed, and he moved on, as his reputation suggested he would do. I went about my business.

After a lovely, if uneventful, weekend hanging out with The Contractor, Caesar and I began to communicate a good deal. He is very close to someone who now plays a prominent role in my day to day life. The weekend of the Fourth, there happened to be some events planned in our mutual friend’s life he was hoping Caesar could attend. When the invitation to visit was extended, along with the clarity of knowledge on the free and clear social calendar I was working with that weekend, he was quick to decide another visit would be a good idea.

It was an interesting weekend. We had a great time on the 4th, hanging out with mutual friends and enjoying getting to know each other. We decided to have dinner, I was cooking for us, the following night. Only, instead, I cooked, ate and went to chill in my room when he sent a text to let me know he was ‘stranded’ with a couple of girls he had left a local bar with and was trying to find someone to come get him. I wished him luck. He did find someone to pick him up. We talked for a little while, followed shortly after with sleep. We had already planned to rent a couple of movies and chill at my house the last night he was in town. I got to the house after work, waited for close to an hour, then called a friend who had invited me over earlier in the day, let her know my schedule had suddenly cleared and off I went. Ten minutes after I left the house, Caesar sent a text, letting me know he was on his way to the house. Make yourself at home, I believe was my response. I told him I would be gone for a couple of hours.

Despite the really horrible behavior, there is a chemistry between us. Fortunately, I’m neither blind nor stupid, so if you are chomping at the bit to warn me of all the reasons I should Beware Caesar, no worries. My guard is up, as his probably is with me. Besides, I’ve already heard the warnings from mutual friends.

The thing is, once I did come back to the house the last night he was here, I layed down on the sofa and we watched the end of a movie he had started, then another, and it felt good. Breakfast the next morning before he headed back to Rome(obviously, he does not really live in Rome, but how freaking perfect would that be?!?!), was really nice and natural. We talked about our plans for our futures, our families, all of the things you would talk to someone about if you knew nothing about them.

We have talked every day since he left. He will be coming back here soon, then I am going to visit him in Rome shortly afterwards.


What do you think, should he be wearing a Danger sign? Is there a little bit of kismet going on in a meet your equal sort of sense?



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