Name Change for The Halfling


We are going to change the Halfling’s name……let’s call him Gropey Smurf….or we could call him Me, cause it’s all about Me, All The Time. UGHH!!

Date Time: 9:30pm
Place: moved it late in the evening to just meeting for a drink at BW3’s due to the chaos of my moving. He was super sweet and understanding about it.
Arrival: Me, 9:35pm, which was a miracle, given everything I had going on yesterday. Him, 10pm. Umm, yeah.
Appearance in comparison to pictures on profile: Excellent. Very attractive. Although, if I’m 5’4″ and wearing 4″ heels, I should not be taller than someone who is 5’10”. Clear exaggeration of height. Big smile, friendly demeanor.

Although he arrived late, due to falling asleep when I pushed the time back on him, he was immediately engaging. I should also point out he text about 15 times on his way with apologies and ETAs as he was heading over there.

His smile catches attention the minute you see it. After we were seated, he immediately began light conversation. We fell into a groove of discussing everything from his father, a former racehorse jockey, to his son, to his son’s mother, who passed away about two years ago, to his ex-girlfriend, to his jobs, to his co-workers, to his likes and dislikes about living in Louisville.

Okay, I’m going to stop here to make a couple of observations. While you can understand the gist of this, it should be clarified he is, as I said, very engaging. So, although we left the evening with him knowing no more about me than he did when he arrived, he entertained me quite a lot. He is very funny and bright. I did not even realize he monopolized the entire conversation until on my way home when I was doing my post date processing. It was then I had a chance to review and I couldn’t help but laugh. I talk, a lot, but I had barely even had the opportunity to respond to one story before he would be full on into another.

He is a smoker, and at one point in the evening, asked if we could step outside. Sure, no problem, I smoke too. As we were exiting the table, he placed his hand on the small of my back. Simple gesture, kind of endearing, until it slid down to my ass. Bwahahaha! So much for endearing. I turned toward him and he said, “my bad, it’s just a bit irresistible.” I responded with a simple, “uh huh, find a way to resist.” and laughed it off.

He was not deterred much. While outside, he attempted to pull me up to him. Fail! The sad part is, I’m not averse to physical contact on a first date, *ahem* , but it has to feel natural and not forced, or like someone is just being a little overzealous. Remember when you were a kid and you and siblings would try to annoy one another by just touching the other one, then the swatting of the hands and the Stop it!, Stop what? Stop it! Stop what? Mom, he’s touching me, make him stop! would take place on a regular basis? Yeah, that! That is what the rest of the night felt like, he talked about himself some more while trying to touch me at every possible turn.

Time to go! Of course, as we all knew was going to happen, he moved in for a kiss, was met with a hug and a cheek.

2nd Date Chances: I’m thinking NONE! But, hey, I had a couple of drinks with a famous jockey’s son. Even if he is Gropey Smurf.


Suggestions for finding Mr. Perfect

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