Date #1 The Not So Shocking Shocker

Blog Nurse

Guess last night’s date will be dubbed Shocker, although, I have to tell you, his revelation barely phased me.

Date place: Proof on Main (Jeff Ruby’s and Jack Frye’s were closed for the holiday 😦 )
Date time: 9pm (I had to work until 8pm)
Dating Style Points: Pre date, he verified reservations, made sure I knew because of the heavy traffic he would be right on time, not early, as he had hoped, no flowers, candy, etc., but we arrived at the same time (Yes bitches, I got somewhere other than work on time)and I saw him exiting his 2013 Mercedes Sportscar. (He doesn’t get points for having the car, he gets points for not once ever telling me he had the car)

He looked very much like his picture, a little better in person, actually. He pulled out my chair when we were seated at the bar, announced he was more nervous than he expected to be, and ordered a shot of tequila. LOL All good.

He was dressed in semi-dress casual…..jeans, white dress shirt with design, and high end sport jacket. Good shoes!!

I wore a black, drape sleeved sweater and a leopard print pencil skirt. Obviously, my shoes were impeccable!

He made small talk about my job, but when I asked about his, the conversation took a turn for the bizarre.
“I would really rather not say.” he told me.
I raised an eyebrow, “That doesn’t really work with me.” I laughed because it seemed a ridiculous thing to clam up about when he had been easy to talk to up to this point.
“It tends to ruin everything right away.”
I told him I would assume drug dealer or crime syndicate boss must be the answer, then. He laughed and said, “I wish, that would be less intimidating and more interesting.”
“You should really just tell me, I’m pretty sure I can handle it.”
“Okay, I’m the senior partner in a gynecology group. Yes, I get paid, very well, to look at vaginas all day, every day.”
I couldn’t help but laugh. This was supposed to be all shocking and freak me out? Gynecologist. Ummm, and……..???
My lack of reaction left him a little speechless.
I can think of a million things guys could do for a living that would give me pause before dating them, vagina doctor is not one of them.

He then went on to explain, with pure relief and a lot less nervousness, he was looking to date someone from further away because of the practice and how the town all knows him as such. Everyone or their mother, sister-in-law and grandmother has been a patient. Eventually, even if they think they are okay with it, it starts to get inside their head.

I moved on, I’m not that fascinated by vaginas, short of my recent vajacial and general upkeep, I couldn’t care less.

Once the giant reveal was out of the way, conversation flowed freely. His kids are all out of the house, he has similar likes, dislikes and was an all-around fabulous person to spend the evening dining with……especially since Proof has AMAZING food.

At the end of coffee and dessert, he insisted on walking me to my car, he gave me a quick, very subtle, but completely pleasant goodbye kiss, asked me to text him to let him know I made it home safely, and away I went. So, how would you react? Could you get past the whole “head in a vagina all day” thing? Am I strange because it doesn’t bother me?


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