Matchmaker, Matchmaker……


You have now been given the history on the rotating characters. You might have noticed, they leave much to be desired.

Now, not trying to get all discouraged, I can’t really write a blog based on the romantic possibilities of two men who will be overseas and one who stood me up on his first chance.

Enter my determined face. (grrrr) I brushed myself off and created a profile on . Oh yeah, ish is getting real up in here!

Turns out I’m quite the hot commodity on the world’s lamest dating site! (go figure)

I decided to set some guidelines for myself…age group, height, income level(let me be clear, by income level, I mean, They need one!), and ability to use proper grammar and spelling when describing themselves or emailing me. These are all somewhat important to me.

Then, I had to add rules: No endless email chain. If you have sent me ten emails in three days and not worked up the nerve to ask for my number, you either never will get around to asking me out or you’re married and is amusement for you. Neither of these are okay with me.

Oh, and endless winking…..seriously? WTF dude???!!! I think it’s creepy in the real world when a strange guy walks by, looks me up and down, then winks. Thanks for upping the creepfactor on your site. Brilliant, I tell you. (guys, winking at your girl, in a fun, conspiratorial way, is awesome. Winking at a total stranger is just creepy and does not make our panties fall off. Just sayin’)

So far, I have been on three dates. I have no horror stories. They were total gentlemen, showed up on time, were interesting conversationalist, and very flattering. Of course, one of these things clearly turns me off, because I have felt zero attraction to them.

One would be a great coffee pal, to hang out and discuss politics with on a Sunday morning, but I prefer my Sunday Morning in bed, and the conversation to be able to flow from one subject to the other.

One is very funny and would probably be my first choice for heading to the clubs and mocking people, but I’m looking for someone who makes me feel like I could laugh, cry, and feel compelled to kiss….he falls very short.

The last had fudged his height, but I was in flats (GASP) so it wasn’t a big issue (haha, big issue..BOOM went the pun). He was, as I explained to one of my single female co-workers, Way Too Vanilla for me. I don’t even like my ice cream vanilla, damn sure not trying a relationship with a vanilla man.

So, we have made three friends, accumulated no blood loss, not walked out on anyone yet, and have a myriad of prospects.

Tonight, a late dinner at a very upscale restaurant in Louisville.(he earned brownie points for his restaurant choice) He lives about an hour away, (yes mom, another man willing to drive all that distance just to have dinner with me) but assures me it won’t be a problem and he won’t expect me to come to him.

So, we are giving it a shot.

He says he:
is 5’11, which is perfect for me, not too tall, not too short
is an investment banker, which is fine as long as he continues to seem relaxed and fun
is energetic and adventurous, which is important to me
is a lover of art, cooking, wine, and spoiling his woman (important here, lots of these guys say women, rather than the singular form…tsk, tsk…I pick up on these things.
is 48, which is tipping my age scale….but he levels out in other areas.

So, tonight we go out with match man number 4. We shall see……..


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