Saint, Cast Member with a Flair


Cast member number three is very different from the first two. First off, he is the oldest. I tend to date younger men, not obscenely younger, but in the mid-thirty range. (by tend to, I mean virtually always. I don’t do it on purpose, they just happen to be the guys who ask me out and with whom I share common interests)Saint is NOT in this category, in fact, even though I’m not certain, I’m putting him somewhere around late 40’s, possibly even early 50’s! Whoa, as I typed that number, I got a little freaked out.

Anyway…….he is very intelligent, attractive, and has his life together. It is a bit of an oddity for me, I will admit. The thing is this……

He showed interest in me from the initial meeting, I extended my hand, said hi I’m Shawn and he responded with a long pause at holding my hand and an affected, “Well, Shawn, It is a pleasure, I’m Saint.” While I write this, I realize the facial expression is the key to whether this was creepy or flattering..his face was a wide open smile and his eyes were sparkling and focused on my face. As opposed to the eyes fixated at the chest, leering, and a grin that suggested I had just been mentally undressed.

After our initial meeting, he followed up with a text telling me he enjoyed meeting me and chatting a bit. A week later he asked me out to lunch. Then……..stood me up. He had a reason, but seriously? First date stand up?!?

Now, normally this should be a batter out situation, I’m not a three strikes girl (and if I were he already has two, age and disregard for how lucky he would be to go out with me- his new house having the wrong flooring installed could have waited).

The only reason it isn’t is because he is quite charming, in a non-smarmy way. He promises to make up for it, (guys who may be reading this, two words for you…Edible Arrangements…nothing says, “I was a bit douchey and you deserve better like chocolate-dipped strawberry bouquets) and he has probably waited long enough. Since standing me up he has suggested lunch again 3 times and I have put him off.

This is where we find Saint, he’s in circling the airport in a hold pattern. Should I say yes and give him another chance, or scratch him off the list and move on? Is there a reason no one ever sends anything other than texts to apologize? Pure laziness. What does your ideal romantic guy do (in your fantasies) to make up for mistakes?


Suggestions for finding Mr. Perfect

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