Sunday Morning, The Wounded Child


Our next cast member is Sunday Morning. If I had to use three words to describe Sunday Morning, they would be; fraternity, sexy, incapable-of-communicating-his-damn-feelings!(yes, I just went over three words, but see the first post and remember, I Break Rules, people!)

Sunday Morning and I have been acquainted for just at a year now. The day I met him, I was a little captivated. His cocky, but friendly demeanor, his playfulness, his intelligence….he was a refreshing change.

We occasionally ran into one another and would have brief, innocuous conversations, but never anything more. He is about 11 years younger than me and not really someone I would have expected any interest from.

Around late November of last year, he showed up and just hung out to chat for a couple of minutes. While he was there, one of my employees was picked up by her boyfriend. The two guys spoke briefly, as it turned out, they worked together.

Six hours later, my employee was telling me her boyfriend was texting her, asking a lot of strange questions about me and the guy I was seeing at the time. When she pressed him on why, he explained when he returned to the office, Sunday Morning had started grilling him.

He asked permission to give him my number. I gladly supplied it. (yes, I was seeing someone at the time, but he is a whole book unto himself for all of the confusion, miscommunication and heartache involved there)

I had a text from Sunday Morning within ten minutes. In fact, we texted pretty steadily for about a week. After the week, he called and asked if I was free for coffee. I was, and if I hadn’t been, I would have worked that shit out! (I did mention his good qualities, right? Funny, sexy, big enough to pick me up and lift me onto…well, whatever he wants me to be on top of..)

Coffee was nice, but he had leave coming up soon and would be gone for a few weeks. To his parent’s, then home for one night, and off to his sister’s. We kept in touch through text and phone calls, all seeming more ‘friend oriented’ than romantic. That was very cool with me, as I didn’t need to add to the chaos that my other entanglement had become.

Then, on Christmas night, while texting, I told him what a rotten day it had been. My father had been hospitalized and I was very scared and feeling very alone. He called immediately.

His schedule had been set so he would be driving home from his parent’s on the 29th, and flying out on the 30th. After a series of texts and calls, bad news relating to my father’s health, and a general sense we were becoming closer friends, Sunday Morning left his parent’s on the 28th, he was at my house late that evening, having made very good time in the snow. I never asked him How Early he had to leave his parents to get there. I knew he had come a day early, just to spend it with me and make me feel better.

He took my mind off of things for the day and a half he was there. 😉

He stayed in consistent contact while with his sister and her family and it was nice. There was a sense of friendship between us, but also, it turned out, a lot of chemistry.

The night he flew home, he came straight to see me. We spent a few hours together, but he needed to get back, unpack and be up at 5:30am.

After he left that night, the face of things changed, considerably, with the other entanglement.

We continued to text and talk, but I kept the conversation very friend-centric and had no free time to see him.

He came to see me at work. While he was there and I was explaining what had happened with ‘other entanglement’, ‘other entanglement’ showed up with coffee to surprise me. I was surprised, as were both of them. When ‘other entanglement’ walked away, Sunday Morning stood up, smiled at me and said, “You are way too fucking good for him” I laughed it off and he said he would catch me later.

It was a couple of months before we would see one another again. ‘other entanglement’ and I had become very serious, then non-existent in that time frame. ( I know, but I’ve warned you, whole book there) When I heard from Sunday Morning, it was like sunshine after a month of darkness.

His playful, carefree, totally nonsense sort of attitude was just what I needed. We saw each other the night he sent a text message. He told me he had been aware of the relationship and when it fell apart. He said he knew it would, and that was his reason for calling. I told him everything, bad decisions, hurt feelings, devastation, all of it. He listened in a completely unsympathetic manner. He made me laugh at myself, the situation, and my reactions.

We enjoyed our time together that evening. 😉

We saw each other sporadically for a couple of weeks, then one night he cancelled plans on me at the last minute. No explanation, no advance notice, just BOOM! I’m not going to make it. No biggie, until he did it again, with an explanation.

Texts became fewer with more time in between. I really just assumed he was seeing someone else and it had gotten serious, or at least serious enough he didn’t want to see me.

Then, I sent him a message a week before he was scheduled to deploy. I received a reply almost instantly. “My deployment date has been changed, I leave tomorrow night. I was just thinking about you.”

I was stunned. Somehow, the whole, “I was just thinking about you” comment shocked me as much as his early departure. Before I could process and respond, another message came, “I want to see you, can we make that happen?”

“Of course. I can’t believe you are leaving tomorrow.” Lame, but it was all I had, I was shell-shocked. I had missed him, but had steered clear, thinking he was seeing someone. Now, he was leaving.

We made arrangements to see one another and grab a bite as soon as I got out of work. I left a little early. We didn’t eat. We talked and ‘stuff’ for about an hour at his place, then he asked if I could give him about an hour and he wanted to stay with me, at my place, until he had to report for duty the following morning. (before you assume the worst, he needed more like three hours, because he still needed to pack most of his gear, but he said he was going to hurry) I agreed.

Two hours later we were together at my place. It was a little surreal. It was very different. He was being oddly sentimental, he made several comments about wasted time. He hadn’t been seeing someone else, he just didn’t want to get involved with me right before he had to leave. I didn’t sleep at all that night, partially because my mind was racing, partially because this giant man was gripping me like I was his only way to stay alive.

We said goodbye as if he were leaving to go home, shower and go to work on a regular day. No big, emotional scene, no professions of anything not yet felt, but it was still a goodbye with the intent to see one another again.

I think about, and worry for, him daily. Not the way you worry for the man you are in love with, but the way you worry about someone you love. I get very frustrated with him when I think about the wasted time, but he was very frustrated with me, as well.

While I am certainly not waiting for his return, he still has to be counted as a factor in the romance equation.

Is he going to be mature enough, at some point, to be in an actual relationship? If we were going to feel more than the general affection we feel, would it have already happened? Can you please explain to me why I am so attracted to a man who likes to high five after sex? (not joking, that happened!)


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