The Beginning…or The Next Chapter…

or The Finale…….or The End…we will all watch it unfold and come to our own conclusions as it happens.

They always tell you, best to start at the beginning, but I’m not one for doing what They tell me. So, we will begin far past the beginning, but I promise to have you caught up within just a couple of posts.

I was happily married, until I wasn’t happy. I was unhappily married, until I wasn’t married. I was shocked to find myself starting over, until I began to embrace my singledom.

(let’s take a break here to be clear with one another…I break rules, make up words, curse, love sarcasm and people intelligent enough to recognize it, and live my life according to my own standards. These are important things to know about me, otherwise my writing will drive you beyond mad as you try to decipher some things.)

(…and I love to take a little pause for these side notes)

Being single, after a long marriage, is somewhat like living in the Mediterranean on a beautiful yacht, only to suddenly find the yacht is sinking, then shortly thereafter, you find yourself alone, swimming in the huge, overwhelming body of water which used to rock you to sleep at night. This was my first clear thought shortly following my divorce. Now, not being one for prolonged self pity, I put my big girl panties on and forged ahead. In fact, through my entire divorce, I never even missed a day of work. It was happening, end of story.

Thus begins the pre-trial and tribulations, the ones prior to now, separated by a seven month relationship we will discuss later, over wine…..and cheese..and grapes…and crackers. (make sure you have some of those handy, because THAT will be a post worthy of its own book.

Now, however, is our beginning. We can chat about the men currently in my life and why they are completely unsuitable for me. We can discuss my HORRENDOUS fucking choices. We can toss back and forth some ideas.

Mostly, we will laugh together, be stunned together, and hopefully, find that romance worthy of slowing the world down and stepping aside.
(just to forewarn you, we are in Kentucky, so, ya’ know, adjust your expectations.)

Over the next few posts, I will acquaint you with the men currently in my life…..I’ll give you all the juicies…the shoulds, the should nots, the where the hell did that come froms.

Then, once you meet the current cast, we will date, seek, and review. Oh damn, and mock, we will mock people….A Lot!


8 thoughts on “The Beginning…or The Next Chapter…

  1. i love juicies! can’t wait for more. ps: i’m sending my lifeboat full of woodford, cabernet, exquisites cheeses, crusty baquettes, smokes and great friends. xoxo

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